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BECOME an Elected Artist Member / $150 per year

Anyone who is an Elected Artist at area art associations (ie, Lyme Art Association, Mystic Museum of Art, Connecticut Women Artists, CAFA ) is welcome. Those who are not already Elected Artists may submit a portfolio of work via thumb drive for consideration, plus fill out an application. Contact us for more details.



• All the benefits of Associate Artist membership above.

• A Solo or Two-Person Show after maintaining a full year’s membership as an Elected Artist—and approximately every 2 years depending on the number of members.

• Eligible to exhibit in the annual NAC group show, at no charge

• A permanent presence on the NAC web page, with a link to your web page

• Eligible to permanently display work in the back hallway of the gallery. Change out work as desired.

• Membership status in good standing is a prerequisite to all benefits. Lapsed members may rejoin by paying the appropriate fee.



• Must attend a brief monthly member meeting as a voting member. Absences may be excused when requested.

• Must be willing to attend and support gallery openings, by contributing food, beverages, or time.

• Must be willing to gallery sit once or twice monthly, or as needed depending on volunteer availability.

• Must be on at least 1 working committee per year

• Maintain an artists’ view book at the gallery, in an approved format

• Encouraged to bring new members into the Cooperative

• Encouraged to bring new guests to openings and exhibits

• Contribute to the mailing list of interested art patrons

• Must obtain group approval for guest artists invited to show

Associate Artists


Lisa Abate

Deb Aldo

Adrienne Austin

Hoda Awad

Philip Brose

Diane Brown

Margaret Burgess

Joanna Case

Glenn Cheney

Rosalie (Posey) Clements

Mark Dixon

Michael Dubenetsky

Steven Friedberg

Terry Geer

Ted Genard

Diane Holtzworth

Richard Hoyer

Sean Kane

Merrill P. Keeley

Gordon Kyle

Marguerite Langlais

Susan Rosenstone Larrow

Melody Knight Leary

Gerlinde Lehner

Nancy MacBride

Shannon MacGrogan-Ellis

Susan Masse

Joe Matovic

Sarah Murphy

William Murray

Lori Neumann

Les Olin

Tom Ouellette

Linda Reid

James Rigney

Ann Scavone

Steve Schumacher

Lucy P. Sullivan

Samson Tonton

Michele Tycz

Gretchen vander Lyke

Melinda Y Wells

Shirley A. White

Karin Forde Whittemore

Gabrielle Zane

BECOME an Associate Artist Member / $50 per year


• All the benefits of regular NAC membership

• Eligible to exhibit at least one piece of artwork in the annual NAC group show, at no charge

• Reduced entry fee for all NAC juried shows, usually at least 3 per year

• A presence on the NAC web page

• Something to brag about on your resume!

• Meet other artists and art lovers—get involved in the local arts community.

• Learn about other exhibit opportunities in the region

• Membership status in good standing is a prerequisite to all benefits. Lapsed members may re-join by paying the appropriate dues.


• There are no time commitments for Associate Artist members.

•  We hope that you will participate in exhibitions throughout the year!



Any artist who wishes to join NAC as an Associate Artist is welcome!